Soffit and fascia both play a crucial role in the look and function of your home. The soffit is used to cover the under-hang of your roof and gables, and can protect from animal intrusion as well as providing intake ventilation for your attic. Aluminum Fascia is used to cover bare wood which seals the ends of your eaves and provides a surface for the installation of the eavestrough.. Our metal soffit and fascias are designed to complement your rafters and provide added energy efficiency. You may not realize it, but soffit and fascia play an important role in the structural integrity of your home. Properly installed soffit provides essential ventilation and air circulation to reduce excess moisture that can cause rotting and decay of the roof's structure. It promotes directional air movement through the eaves and rafters of your home, helping it to stay in great shape both inside and out.

Eavestroughs are a critical component to proper water management around your home,properly functioning eavestrough system collects and then diverts rainwater and melting snow so that it drains a safe distance away from your home’s foundation. A poor trough installation or settling of your home can cause water to overflow or drain back towards your foundation causing basement leaks and erosion problems. It’s important to have the correct amount of downpipes at the correct locations to ensure proper drainage. Home Solution Centre renovators install seamless eavestroughs that eliminate leaky seams and are measured and cut on site – providing an exact and customized fit.

Downspouts are enclosed, vertical pieces of guttering that carry water from the rain gutter to the ground. Downspouts often direct water to the surface of the lot, but in many cases they may be connected to the weeping tile or the sanitary sewer lateral. In order to keep a downspout in place, it must be secured to the side of the home with the use of straps. It is important to secure straps to the brick, not the mortar between bricks, because it creates a more secure, enduring hold. Mortar deteriorates over time causing downspouts to come loose, which can create leaks and even fall down.

Siding is aluminum or vinyl material used to cover exposed surfaces of exterior wall frames and is available in a variety of profiles, finishes and colors.On a building that uses siding, it may act as a key element in the aesthetic beauty of the structure and directly influence its property value. Siding may be formed of horizontal or vertical boards, shingles, or sheet materials. In all four cases, avoiding wind and rain infiltration through the joints is a major challenge, met by overlapping, by covering or sealing the joint, or by creating an interlocking joint such as a tongue and groove or rabbet. Since building materials expand and contract with changing temperature and humidity, it is not practical to make rigid joints between the siding elements. Siding may be made of wood, metal, plastic (vinyl), masonry , or composite materials. It may be attached directly to the building structure (studs in the case of wood construction), or to an intermediate layer of horizontal planks called sheathing.




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