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You may build equity if your home goes up in value. History is on the side of home ownership here.

Mortgage Reduction

Since a portion of your payment pays down the amount of the mortgage, eventually you will be mortgage free. Rent never goes away!


You can decorate and improve your home to suit your taste and increase its value and enjoy owning your own home at the same time.


These might include “subject to home inspection”, “subject to you obtaining financing”, or “subject to you selling your property”.

Stability vs Instability

As a home owner, you have complete control over when you move versus moving when you may not want to. You will also enjoy peace of mind living in your own home.

Retirement Fund and Savings Plan

A mortgage-free home is the best retirement fund. You get to live in and enjoy your investment.

Monthly Cost – Rent vs Buying

In most cases, the cost of owning your own home may be cheaper than renting. Our real estate agents pages have a handy payment calculator that helps you compare rent vs owning.

5% Down Payment
First time home buyers, and many others renting, are entitled to the minimum down payment of 5%!

Cash Back Mortgage
Some banks are offering cash back incentives on mortgages to home buyers, versus extending the lowest mortgage rate, providing help with purchasing furniture, appliances, or even legal fees.